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Line Configuration


Refers to the way the devices are connected by a link. A link is physical or wireless connection between one or more devices.



  • Dedicated link between two devices.
  • Whole capacity of the channel is reserved.
  • Uses actual length of wire or cable to connect two ends.
  • Microwave or satellite links can be established.
  • Examples:
    Connection of devices in mesh topology.
    Connection between remote control and operating device such as CD player, television set, home theater etc.


  • More than two devices share the same link.
  • Capacity of channel is shared spatially or temporarily.
  • Allows broadcasting packets over the network.
  • Each device is able to communicate with each other.
  • Examples:
    A radio station.
    Video Conference.

Tip Box

Point-to-point is also referred as leased line, which provides high speed internet connection over the internet.


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