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Hub is a connecting device in which various types of cables are connected to centralize network traffic through a single connecting point.


  • Hub with multiple ports are used to connect topologies, segments of LAN and to monitor network traffic.
  • It manages and controls the send and received data to and from the computers.
  • Hub works on the physical layer of OSI or TCP/IP model.
  • To avoid collision of data CSMA/CD protocol is used and protocol varies depending upon the vendor.


Active hub

  • Can store, amplify, split and retransmit the received signals.
  • Requires additional electronic circuit for performing different functions.
  • It does work of repeater to amplify the signal, so it is also called as repeater.

Passive hub

  • Can only forward received signal without amplifying it.
  • It doesn't content any additional electronic circuit.

Intelligent hub

  • Performs functions of both active and passive hub.
  • Quickly routes the signals between the ports of hub.
  • Also performs different functions of router and bridge.
  • So it is called as intelligent hub.

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