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Switch is a multiple LAN connecting device, which takes incoming data packet from any multiple input ports and passes the data packet to specific output port.


  • It works same as hub but does its work very efficiently.
  • It uses MAC address information to switch forward the data packets to a particular destination device.
  • By monitoring the network traffic, it can learn where the particular addresses is located.
  • Operates at one or more OSI model layers mainly the data link layer.
  • Minimizes the collision of data packets.
  • Provides better security and better utilization of limited bandwidth.


  • Uses two different method for switching the packets :
    1) Cut-through
    2) Store and forward
  • In cut-through method switch examines the header of the packet and decides, where to pass the packet before it receives the whole packet.
    Increases the chances of errors without verifying the data integrity.
  • In store and forward method switch reads the entire packet in its memory and checks for error before transmitting the packet.
    This method is slower and time consuming but error free.

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Check your internet connection using ping command.


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