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Router is internetwork connecting device that determines most efficient path for sending a data packet to any given network.


  • Used to connect two or more similar or dissimilar topological LANs or WLANs
  • Shares available bandwidth with multiple computers in a network.
  • Provides a better protection as a hardware firewall against hacking.
  • Routers are intelligent enough to determine shortest and fastest path from source to destination in a network using algorithms.
  • Operates at network layer of OSI model.
  • Wireless routers are now widely used in home and offices as they allow a user to connect easily without installing any cables.

Types based on defining paths

Static router

  • System administrator defines the shortest path in the network by executing commands.
  • Have some limitations and not that much effective than dynamic router.

Dynamic router

  • Router itself determines the shortest path between the computers in the network.
  • System administrator doesn't need to interact with router that saves time and cost.
  • This types of routers are used in greater extend compare to static router.

Basic types

  • Wired routers
  • Wireless routers

Tip Box

Security tips

  • Change the default administrator password.
  • Deny access to unauthorized user.
  • Block ICMP ping request.
  • Block IP multicast, if no need.
  • Turn on log on router for error messages.


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