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First networking chapter basics deals with the computer networking fundamentals starting from the line configuration, transmission modes, transmission media, topologies and ending with types of networks.

To get started, you should know some of the following definitions

Network: It is group of interconnected computers or devices to have communication within them.

Protocol: Is a set of communication rules and formats for sending and receiving data successful over a network.

Client: Computer or any other device connected to a network that requests and uses resources available from the server.

Server: Computer that shares resources with the clients. E.g.: web server, database server, file server etc.

IP (Internet Protocol) Address: Every computer on the internet has unique numeric address, which is 32 bits for IPv4 and alphanumeric address of 128 bits for IPv6.

Algorithm: A step by step procedure to solve a task or a problem.

Firewall: A program that filters all incoming and outgoing traffic from the computer system, limits access to only authorized user and results a pop-up message dialog when detected a threat.

Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity): A local area network that uses high-frequency radio waves to transmit and receive data over a short distances.

Tip Box

Advantages of network sharing

  • Provides resource sharing.
  • Exchange of information and software.
  • Access to any file and data.
  • High reliablility
  • Saves money and time.
  • And lots more...

Surfing web tips

  • Use high-speed broadband to save time.
  • Best antivirus for securing your computer.
  • Use specific keywords for searching.
  • Don't save login information on public computer.
  • Delete your cookies (tracks) from the browser.
  • Don't upload your private information over the web.


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