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Types of Modern Printers

Inkjet Printers:

Sprays small droplets of ink at high speed on the surface.
They are reliable, quick, and inexpensive.

1) Continuous Flow:

2) Drop on demand:

Laser Printers:

Uses laser beam to produce images with excellent text and graphics.
Used in high quality outputs.


Tip Box

Add and connect a printer in a network

Adding printer

  • First install your printer on any computer in the network.
  • Enable printer sharing on the network
  • Give name for sharing the printer.
  • Know the computer name, which you have installed printer.

Connecting printer

  • Open control panel and click on printers and other hardware.
  • Click on add printer
  • Now choose network printer instead of local printer.
  • Next to select browse for printer option
  • Select the computer which you have installed the printer


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