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Output Devices

Devices that are used to receive the output of processed data by the computer in the form of display, print, audio and video that user can understand and use it.

Output of processed data can be divided into two classes:

Hard Copy

Output that is in the form of print document, which can be read directly, long last and permanently stored. E.g. A word document containing text and images printed by the printer on a paper.

Soft Copy

Output that is in the form of metallic or audio form, which is cannot be read directly by the user. E.g. A collection of music files and folders on a CD.

Accordingly the output devices are classified as hard copy devices and soft copy devices.


In this chapter we are going to study monitors, printers and speakers.

Tip Box

LED TV is an LCD TV that uses LED backlighting technology rather than fluorescent lights used in the traditionally known LCD televisions.


  • Dynamic RGB LED
  • White edge-LEDs
  • Full-array LEDs


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