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Characteristics of Computer

Computers are the electronic device which takes input from the user, processes the data and gives the exact output to the user. Computer performs three basic operations

  • Taking the input in the form of instruction and data.
  • Processing the instruction and data and store the results.
  • Display the stored results or output it into the print format.


Speed: Computer speed depends upon the type of processor and bus line architecture used. Good type of processor and bus line architecture can perform billions of operations in one second. Processor speed depends upon the clock speed and speed of computer is measured in terms of GHz (Giga Hertz).

Accuracy: Computer performs millions of operations but within the given input set of instructions and data, the result obtained should be precise one without any errors.

Reliability: Reliable means that they can do their task properly and consistently. Computer communication and components are very reliable and has very less failure rate.

Storage: Two types of storage are used, first is primary storage and second is secondary storage. Primary storage stores the data temporarily for executing the processes i.e. RAM, while secondary storage used for permanent storage of data i.e. hard disk. Some external devices are also used to store data like portable hard disk, pen drives, memory card etc.

Automation: Once a set of program is fed into the computer, then the computer can take decision automatically without interfering with the user. Example: Pen drive drivers are automatically detected and loaded called as auto play.

Versatility: Computers are capable of performing various operations at same time. Like you are reading this webpage and downloading two files from the internet and also printing the documents simultaneously.

Diligence: Computer can work lot of hours with same speed and accuracy on each operations, without getting tired.


  • Computer are not intelligent, they need to be programmed to do their task.
  • They cannot learn from their experience.

Tip Box

Improving slow computer

  • Uninstall software, which are no longer needed
  • Defragmentation
  • Disk Cleanup
  • Empty Recycle Bin
  • Remove unneeded fonts
  • Increase virtual memory size


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