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Break Statement


Break statement terminates the current execution of loop(block) like while, do-while, for loop etc. and passes the execution control to the next statement after the loop.

Source code

  • //Using break statement
  • #include <stdio.h>
  • void main()
  • {
  • int a;
  • while(1)
  • {
  • printf("\n\nEnter 1 to break the loop : ");
  • scanf("%d",&a);
  • if(a==1)
  • break;
  • else
  • printf("Didn't break the while loop");
  • }
  • printf("\nWhile loop terminated");
  • }

Program working steps

  • Comment, declaration of preprocessor directive and void main function at the start.
  • Variable int a is declared, while(1) statement is a repetative loop it will terminate only when break statement is executed.
  • Programs asks the user to enter 1 to break the loop, if user enters 1 it will break the while loop printing 'While loop terminated'. Else, if user enters any other integer value the loop will be repeated, printing 'Didn't break the while loop'.

Tip Box


Break statement takes the program control out-off inner-most loop


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